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Enable value driven CyberOps using’s Security Data Fabric for your Securonix Unified Defense SIEM Deployments

DataBahn + Securonix

Many security teams are transitioning to a unified Cyber Operations (Cyber Ops) model, prioritizing a proactive, data-driven approach enhanced by AI technology. This move signifies a departure from traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs), which primarily react to threats as they occur. Unlike SOCs, Cyber Ops utilizes AI to automate processes, prioritize threats, and predict potential attacks, thus transforming how security operations function. In this evolving security landscape, Securonix’s Unified Defense SIEM is emerging as a preferred solution for implementing Cyber Ops.

The shift towards a unified Cyber Ops model using solutions like Securonix, while transformative, presents specific challenges that need addressing. Firstly, the prevalent data volume-based pricing model of traditional independent SIEM systems has become a deterrent, as it often leads to reduced overall return on investment (ROI) for executives. This pricing strategy can become cost-prohibitive when data volumes are high, diminishing the attractiveness of maintaining a standalone SIEM solution. Secondly, customers face limitations in the flexibility of managing data streams, as they cannot easily fork data based on its relevance to different downstream systems. This lack of precision can impair the effectiveness of security operations. Additionally, in an independent SIEM approach, moving data from a customer’s cloud to a vendor’s cloud incurs data transfer charges, further escalating costs.