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Centralize your Security data in Amazon Security Data Lake using DataBahn’s Security Data Fabric

Amazon Security Lake serves as a centralized hub for security data from a variety of sources, including AWS environments, SaaS providers, on-premises data centers, and other cloud platforms. By aggregating data into a single, purpose-built data lake stored within the user’s own AWS account, it facilitates a more comprehensive understanding of security data across the entire organization. The adoption of the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) by Security Lake allows for the normalization and amalgamation of security data, which is crucial for consistent analysis and monitoring.

AWS Partners and customers can leverage DataBahn’s Security Data Fabric to accelerate the onboarding of data from various third-party sources. This rapid integration enhances visibility across security and operational environments, helping to safeguard workloads, applications, and data more effectively.

Through DataBahn’s Security Data Fabric, Amazon Security Lake users can –
  • Simplify data collection and ingestion into Amazon Security Lake
    • By using DataBahn’s plug-and-play integrations and connectors with a wide array of products and devices, both cloud and non-cloud.
    • By using DataBahn’s native streaming integration for a hassle-free, real time data ingestion into Amazon Security Lake without the need of any manual reformatting or code.
    • By effectively normalizing and structuring data using DataBahn’s orchestration pipelines before the data is loaded into Amazon Security Lake tables.
  • Convert logs into insights
    • By using volume reduction functions like aggregation and suppression to convert noisy logs like network traffic/flow into manageable insights that can be loaded in Amazon Security Lake reducing the time for queries to execute.
  • Increase overall data governance and data quality
    • By identifying and isolating sensitive data set in transit thereby limiting exposure.
  • Get visibility into the health of telemetry generation
    • By using the dynamic device inventory generated by DataBahn to keep track of devices
      to identify devices that have gone silent, log outages and detecting any other upstream
      telemetry blind spots.

Benefits of using DataBahn with Amazon Security Lake

Out-of-the-box connectors and integrations

DataBahn offers effortless integration and plugand-play connectivity with a wide array of products and devices, allowing SOCs to swiftly adapt to new data sources.

Enrichment against Multiple Contexts

DataBahn enriches data against various contexts including Threat Intelligence, User, Asset, and Geo-location, providing a contextualized view of the data for precise threat identification.

Automated OCSF format Conversion

DataBahn’s Security Fabric supports automated conversion of security logs into OCSF, formatting and partitioning the data according to the requirements of Amazon Security Lake in parquet schema.

Schema Drift

Detect changes to log schema intelligently for proactive adaptability and to avoid downstream impact.

Sensitive data detection

Identify, isolate and mask sensitive data ensuring data security and compliance.

Bring the much-needed flexibility to your security teams

Leverage the combined power of DataBahn and Amazon Security Lake to gain the freedom to choose from the OCSF enabled tools and services that meet their needs without having to reformat their own.

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