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Unlock the Power of Data with the ultimate Application Data Fabric
Data Management
Seamless Orchestration

Integrate data from diverse sources effortlessly, ensuring smooth data flow across your application landscape. With support of over 200+ connectors & devices seamlessly bring in data from any source and deliver it to any source of choice.

Data Quality Management

Maintain high standards of data integrity and consistency through advanced validation and cleansing capabilities. Configure custom alerts & leverage AI generated alerts for data quality alerting and monitoring.

Data Resiliency

Ensures data resiliency by leveraging advanced redundancy measures and fault-tolerant architecture, guaranteeing continuous data availability and integrity even in the face of system failures or disruptions. Service Mesh on the edge ensure ingestion as a service is always available.

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Discover how Databahn transforms your security incident mitigation and elevates threat-hunting efficiency, and improvement in speed, precision, and effectiveness.

Data Observability and Governance
Comprehensive Visibility

Gain deep insights into your data ecosystem with comprehensive observability features, enabling you to track data lineage and monitor data in real time. Leverage actionable insights derived from data to drive informed decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for innovation.

Robust Governance

Enforce compliance and regulatory requirements with comprehensive governance controls, including access management and audit trails. Keep data lineage from the source to all data consumers ensuring impact of data variations is identified immediately.

Controls & Preventive Insights
Model Conformance

Seamlessly adhere to various data models ensuring standardized data representation for improved interoperability and compatibility with diverse security tools and platforms. Define and build your own data model to be used for the data pipeline of. your choice.

Sensitive Data Tracking

Track, Quarantine, Redact sensitive information and avoid sensitive data proliferation. Maintain clear auditability and control over your data and ensure consumers get curated data.

AI Readiness

AI Canvas to build your own application. Feature Engineer key attribtues, Vectorize data, manage multiple contextual collections and have your data ready for RAG data pipelines.