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Highly Scalable and Resilient Data Collection at the Edge
DataBahn Smart Edge Provides You With...


Easily onboard data within a few clicks and get operational with built-in connectors and integrations to pull data from your on-prem or your cloud or your vendor’s cloud. Over 200 + connectors and more collectors, handle your cyber security , observability , Internet of things [IOT] needs of aggregating data.



Experience unparalleled resiliency where data collection NEVER STOPS. With a service mesh design, the edge nodes take over roles based on usage needs. Feet of services effectively communicate with each other to ensure each are ready to take over from where the other left off. Ensure no data is lost and say good bye to infrastructure failure stopping your ingestion.



Say goodbye to data spikes and infrastructure failure stopping your ingestion. 10x high performant than your traditional SIEM collectors. Manage data surges before they impact downstream systems.



Centralized view of system health and connectors making it easy to view performance and health of your fleet. Have visibility on your infrastructure operations to ensure you're never blind to your data flow.

Scaling to Growing Data Has Never Been Easier
Unified Data Collection Anywhere, Anytime

Effortlessly collect data from diverse sources, ensuring seamless integration and accessibility across all platforms.

Seamless Endpoint Integration, Zero Disruption

Experience effortless integration with your endpoints without any need to update or change existing agents, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Enjoy a hassle-free solution for data collection and management.

Versatile Data Collection, Any Destination

Seamlessly supports data collection for various destinations, including SIEMs, Data Lakes, and Cold Storage, ensuring flexibility and compatibility with diverse data storage requirements.

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