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Are you finding that your SIEM resources are being consumed by events that don't pertain to security? Are you concerned about the effectiveness of your security investments and the operational costs associated with maintaining your SIEM system? If so, our exclusive Data Workshop Session is tailored specifically for you!

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  • Holistic Review of Your Current Security Posture: We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing security operations to identify inefficiencies and areas for improvement.
  • ROI Analysis on Wasted SIEM License Costs: Our experts will analyze your SIEM usage and pinpoint where licenses are being underutilized or wasted on non-security events.
  • Clear Dollar Value of Potential Savings: You will receive a detailed breakdown showing the possible savings in dollar terms, helping you to see the financial benefits of optimizing your SIEM deployment.
  • Increased Capacity Within Your Existing SIEM Framework: Learn how to leverage your current setup to expand its capacity for genuine security events without incurring additional licensing costs.
  • Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your security operations and realize significant cost savings.

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