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Elevate Your Security Posture

Real-Time Insights, Continuous Compliance


Virtual CMDB

Build a comprehensive virtual CMDB for real-time insights into coverage gaps and security vulnerabilities. Aid your existing CMDB with real time insights from your data.


Sensitive Data Detection

Detect and classify sensitive data patterns to ensure data protection and compliance. Qurantine, Mask, Redact, Drop sensitive data and avoid sensitive data proliferation.


Posture Management

Identify telemetry coverage gaps and provide guided recommendations based on industry frameworks like MITRE and NIST. Map processed data to identify security gaps and vulnerabilities, enabling proactive risk mitigation.


Asset Tagging

Tag critical assets and ensure continuous compliance with regulatory requirements and security standards. Review Data flowing in & out of your critical assets and ensure conformance to security standards.

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Scaling to Growing Data Has Never Been Easier
XSPM Allows You To...
Update virtual asset Inventory

Complement your asset inventory with insights from your ecosystem. Identify coverage profiles , security standards compliance etc. Identify rogue device, review risk broken down by subnets, clean up asset tags for conformance and keep your inventory up to date.

Continuous Compliance

Tag your assets and monitor conformance to your regulatory and compliance needs. Look beyond point in time reports and provide a detailed continuous compliance view of your critical assets.

Avoid Data Proliferation

Detect occurrences of sensitive PII data, passwords in clear texts, GDPR Violations etc and define your own data tags. Avoid sensitive data proliferation by having a single data command center.

Enhance Security

Gain real-time visibility into security posture gaps and vulnerabilities, enabling proactive risk management. Insights from your environment real time to tell you the security profile of every single asset in your ecosystem