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Rev Up Your Data Strategy with DataBahn Highway

Consume Data once and reuse it multiple times

Leverage the DataBahn Highway for...

Easy Volume Control

Manage the volume of data sent to each destination to mitigate costs associated with compute & storage. Leverage AI to assist you with personalized recommendations from your own data.


Consistent Data Experience

Manage the data consistency for every consumer & each destination. Convert unstructured data into industry standard [CIM , CEF, OCSF etc.] / custom structured data feeds.


Curated Content Library

Jumpstart data orchestration with value on day 1. Enjoy with flexibilities of a DIY platform along with the content from content curated platforms in one easy to use library.


Seamless Lineage Tracking

Track your data from the source to its destination and identify its lifecycle throughout all platform. Know exactly where you data is at all times and seamlessly meet your audit requirements.


AI Recommendations & Evolution

Empower your data pipelines with AI-driven recommendations, transforming your workflow into a dynamic, self-optimizing system. Enable continuous evolution for your pipelines with each iteration, adapting to changing data landscapes and ensuring continuous improvement.

Scaling to Growing Data Has Never Been Easier
Avoid Vendor Lockin

Single, scalable and a vendor agnostic data observability and orchestration platform that connects to various source systems to various destinations. Ability to replay data from any source to any destination.

Simplify Data Orchestration

Reduces downstream infrastructure and licensing costs through Filtering services and Smart routing capabilities to avoid data proliferation and redundancy.. Suppress or proliferate data with ease based on your point in time needs.

Resilient Data Delivery

Ensures uninterrupted and reliable transfer of data, even in challenging network conditions, enhancing the overall robustness of the system.

Democratize Data Ingestion

Empower users to manage their data and volume based on downstream applications

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