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Unlock Cost Efficiency
Data Collection
Efficient Log Collection

Optimize log collection & minimize redundant data gathering and storage.Intelligently filter and aggregate logs to reduce storage data collection & distributions costs.

Scalable Data Ingestion

Scalable architecture accommodates fluctuating data volumes without incurring additional infrastructure costs. Resilience at the data collection layer to ease concerns about data integrity and operational overheads.

Automatic Data Detection

Automatically detect data and data types and build data catalogs right from ingestion. Leverage 200+ connectors to convineitly collect data without having to worry about scheduling frequencies, data volume, integration requirements etc.

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Discover how Databahn transforms your security incident mitigation and elevates threat-hunting efficiency, and improvement in speed, precision, and effectiveness.

Data Management
Advanced Filtering and Out-of-the-Box Content

Advanced filtering capabilities to refine incoming data streams, allowing organizations to focus on relevant security events. Pre-configured out-of the-box content, including correlation rules and threat specific event tagging accelerates deployment and reduces the need for costly custom development.

Actionable Insights

Actionable insights through built-in analytics and reporting features, empowering organizations to identify gaps in security posture. Custom insights allow you to build visibility like never before.

App Marketplace

Leverage diverse ecosystem of community-built apps, providing cost-effective alternatives to purchasing additional tools. Address specific security requirements without investing in new proprietary solutions.

Data Delivery
Multiple Format Support

Seamlessly deliver data in various data formats, including structured, industry standard, siem data model conformed, ensuring flexibility and interoperability. Consolidate diverse data streams into a unified platform without incurring additional costs for data transformation or compatibility issues.

Data Lake Enablement

Bring/build and manage data lakes independently, freeing you from vendor lock-in and associated licensing fees. Decoupling ingestion from SIEM solutions & leverage cost-effective storage solutions.

Resilient Data Delivery

Resilient data delivery through robust fault-tolerant mechanisms, minimizing the risk of data loss or disruption during transmission. Enhance data availability and reliability, reducing the need for costly downtime.