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Elevate your Autonomous Security Opertions using’s Security Data Fabric for your Devo SIEM Deployments
DataBahn’s Security Data Fabric with its purpose built Smart Edge along with the Data Highway products can take data from a wide range of sources (both cloud and on-premise sources), parse and structure them into any format or data model of your choosing, enrich data with any meaningful context (internal and external context), orchestrate the data to extract meaningful insights and deliver security relevant data and insights into your Devo SIEM for optimal querying, analytics and search.

DataBahn helps Devo SIEM deployments by streamlining data collection and ingestion and removing the onus of your team having to manage log collection infrastructure, build out custom integrations and spend cloud data egress costs incurred by sending logs from your cloud sources and applications into your Devo

Through DataBahn’s native capabilities, Security teams can:-
  • Simplify data collection and ingestion into Devo
    • By using DataBahn’s plug-and-play integrations and connectors with a wide array of products and devices.
    • By using DataBahn’s native streaming integration for a hassle-free, real time data ingestion into your Devo SIEM, eliminating any additional log collection infrastructure in your network.
    • By effectively normalizing and structuring complex data formats like nested JSON, multiline logs using DataBahn’s orchestration pipelines before the data is delivered to the SIEM.
  • Send only security relevant data to your Devo SIEM
    • By using DataBahn’s out of the box library of context-aware volume reduction rule sets helping you achieve more than 45% data volume reduction.
    • By using DataBahn’s purpose built micro-analyzers, reduce cloud data egress charges for any log sources onboarded into Devo from your cloud/multi-cloud environments.
  • Convert logs into insights
    • By using volume reduction functions like aggregation and suppression to convert noisy logs like network traffic/flow into manageable insights that can be loaded into Devo SIEM reducing both the volume and the overall time for queries to execute.
  • Increase overall data governance and data quality
    • By identifying and isolating sensitive data set in transit thereby limiting exposure.
  • Perform split second threat hunting
    • By using the DataBahn’s Indicator Index to extract insights such as Security Observables (IP addresses, Domains, URLs, Hashes), Entity Relationships (Processes, Network execution, Registry modifications), Intel Context to compliment Devo’s hyperstream technology.
    • By using additionally derived context such as first observed / last observed time / frequency of observation to speed up data exploration and hunting.
  • Bring best of breed services and technologies
    • By leveraging DataBahn’s simplified data orchestration capabilities, Devo customers can use additional tools to implement a truly cyber mesh architecture without having to worry about locking your data within your vendor cloud.
    • By taking advantage of DataBahn’s multi format and multi data model support for consistent query experience across different downstream systems.
  • Get visibility into the health of telemetry generation
    • By using the dynamic device inventory generated by DataBahn to identify devices that have gone silent, log outages and detecting any other upstream telemetry blind spots.
  • Reduce overall costs of your Devo SIEM deployment
    • By removing the need for any staging locations or custom integrations by taking advantage of DataBahn’s library of integrations and connectors.
    • By routing less frequently accessed data sets and keeping a copy of your logs using Data Highway to low-cost storage infrastructure such as your cloud storage (S3/Blob/GCP storage) or your data lakes such as Snowflake, AWS while adhering to the same data models to access them only when the need arises.

Benefits of using DataBahn with Devo Autonomous SOC

Out-of-the-box connectors and integrations

DataBahn offers effortless integration and plugand-play connectivity with a wide array of products and devices, allowing SOCs to swiftly adapt to new data sources.

Resilient data collection

DataBahn’s highly resilient Smart Edge enables your team to not worry about single points of failures or managing occasional data volume bursts resulting in data outages or data delays

Enrichment against Multiple Contexts

DataBahn enriches data against various contexts including Threat Intelligence, User, Asset, and Geolocation, providing a contextualized view of the data for precise threat identification.

Reduced Costs

DataBahn enables your team to manage the overall costs of your Devo deployment by providing a library of purpose-built volume reduction rules that can weed out redundant and less relevant logs keeping your SIEM costs optimal.

Sensitive data detection

Identify, isolate and mask sensitive data ensuring data security, governance and compliance.

Orchestrate data into different destinations based on relevance

DataBahn’s orchestration platform helps tier data based on its relevance so you can put purpose to your data and send security relevant data to Devo while the rest can be sent to infrastructure or platforms of your choice for threat hunting and compliance use cases.

Format Conversion and Schema Monitoring

The platform supports seamless conversion into any data model of your choosing, additionally facilitating flexible and faster downstream onboarding in Devo and other services.

Schema Drift

Detect changes to log schema intelligently for proactive adaptability and to avoid downstream detection impact.

Get your data AI ready

Use the DataBahn AI Ready framework to get your data cleansed, enriched, features extracted, and embeddings generated to build AI powered apps to augment your Security operations.

Risk free data sharing internally and externally

Use DataBahn to fork out data streams to different services beyond the Devo SIEM to provide the flexibility your teams need to bring in any tool of their choice.

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