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Ultimate Security Data Fabric for Sentinel
Simplify Data Collection and Ingestion

Plug-and-play integrations and connectors with a wide array of products and devices including and beyond the Microsoft ecosystem. Native streaming integration for a hassle-free, real time data ingestion into Sentine.

Minimize Sentinel SIEM Costs

Out of the box library of context- aware volume reduction rule sets helping you achieve more than 35% data volume reduction in less than 2 weeks.

Enrichment Against Multiple Contexts

Enrich data against various contexts including Threat Intelligence, User, Asset, and Geo-location, providing a contextualized view of the data for precise threat identification.

Split Second Threat Hunting

Extract insights such as Security Observables (IP addresses, Domains, URLs, Hashes), Entity Relationships (Processes, Network execution, Registry modifications), Intel Context. Add additionally derived context such as first observed / last observed time / frequency of observation to speed up data exploration and hunting.

Sensitive Data Detection

Identify, isolate and mask sensitive data ensuring data security, governance and compliance.

Orchestrate Data into Microsoft Destinations

Orchestration platform helps tierdata based on its relevance so you can put purpose to your data and send security relevant data to Sentinel while the rest can be sent to Azure Data Explorer or Azure Blob Storage for threat hunting and compliance use cases.

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