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Elevate your Autonomous Security Opertions using’s Security Data Fabric for your Devo SIEM Deployments

DataBahn + Devo

Security teams are increasingly opting for independent SIEM solutions like Devo due to their flexibility and specialized capabilities, rather than relying on an end-to-end platform for all security needs. Devo’s platform is particularly appealing because it is cloud-agnostic, maintains the data in its raw form for comprehensive analysis. The platform’s low-code/no-code UI empowers SOC analysts across all skill levels with automation capabilities that span multiple cloud environments and endpoints, ensuring that performance is optimized based on the volume of data ingested.

However, adopting independent SIEM solutions like Devo presents certain challenges. Moving data from a customer’s cloud to Devo’s cloud incurs additional data transfer charges, and the data volume-based pricing model can significantly impact the overall ROI for executives. This model may lead to increased costs, particularly when data volumes are large. Furthermore, customers often lack the flexibility to fork data based on its relevance to different downstream systems, which can affect the precision and effectiveness of security operations.