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DataBahn for Microsoft Sentinel

Many enterprises and security teams are increasingly choosing Microsoft Sentinel for its comprehensive service stack, advanced threat intelligence, and automation capabilities, which facilitate faster investigations. Most notably, it offers native support for seamless integration with other Microsoft services, infrastructure, and applications. However, these choices often present two distinct challenges:

First, Microsoft offers a wide range of security features, with many integrated into their premium Microsoft 365 subscription packages. This can lead some budget-conscious executives to consider Microsoft’s offerings as potential cost-effective alternatives for their security needs. However, it’s essential to recognize that Microsoft Sentinel, unlike most of their security solutions, is not included in any specific Microsoft 365 plan, not even the highest-tier subscriptions. Instead, it adheres to the typical pricing model of SIEM/Data Lake products, where costs are determined by data usage.

Second, challenges arise when security teams adopt Sentinel as their central hub for aggregating data from third-party sources (non-Microsoft sources) and maintaining threat detection and response capabilities. In this scenario, integrations are usually custom-developed or managed by the security teams themselves, often lacking mechanisms to enforce spending limits within the Sentinel framework